5 Solutions To Hanging Door Curtain Rods Without The Center Bracket

If you want to hang grommet curtains on a long window or patio doors you will struggle using a single curtain to pull to one side with a center bracket. The problem is your curtain rods are going to sag if you don’t use a center bracket.

You can hang long drapery rods without center support when the rod itself is stronger so it doesn’t sag. Heavy-duty iron rods or strong bars that aren’t hollow might look more industrial but they allow you to hang long heavy curtains without sagging.

Patio door curtain rods without center brackets are required when the window measures at least 5 feet. For 5 feet windows, you need a rod that’s at least 6-7 feet, which means it’s longer than expected. At 6 feet and above most curtain rods are shipped with 1 or even 2 center brackets.

  • 6-foot curtain rod without center support use 1 center bracket
  • 8-foot curtain rod without middle support use 1-2 center brackets

How to Hang Long Patio Door Curtain Rods Without The Center Bracket

When you want to avoid having 2 curtains on a long rod that sags you need to change how the curtain rog hangs or change the rod itself to a heavy-duty alternative. Tension curtain rods are also ideal for long windows and patio doors as long as there are 2 walls to install the curtain rods from.

  1. Heavy iron pipe

A heavy-duty iron pipe on two side brackets is the ideal alternative to a classic curtain rod with a mid-bracket. You can buy a heavy-duty pipe at your local hardware store, at Home Depot, or Lowes.

This pipe can have 2” or more in diameter and it should support the thickest sun-blocking curtains with a length of up to 10 feet.

  1. Tension curtain rods

Tension curtain rods use small clips from which you can hang your curtains. This is a practical solution for just about any type of curtain without holes as attachments. Grommet curtains might not work best here. However, this can be a solution for office-style curtains more than for home curtains.

  1. Traverse curtain rods

Traverse curtain rods are available in 108, 120, and 132 inches. These are ideal for one-piece curtains that go over your French patio doors. These traverse curtain rods have the benefit of looking modern and some of them are highly durable, especially those that are manually drawn.

  1. Removable center rod support brackets

If you don’t draw the curtain too often you might as well think of a cheap solution such as adding a center rod bracket. You can remove it by hand when you pull the curtain to add it back when and as needed. While not the most elegant solution, this can be the cheapest way of having long patio door curtains on rods without a center bracket.

  1. Industrial pipe curtain rod

If you can live with an industrial curtain rod design in your home you’re in luck. There’s now a large selection of industrial pipe curtain rods to choose from at all lengths. These pipe rods typically attach to the wall with L-shaped ends and they come with a heavy-duty pipe that isn’t sagging anytime soon. The benefit of this system as it that it lasts the longest. Its main drawback is the industrial look which might not fit your home even when you decide to paint the curtain rod white.


Patio door curtain rods without center bracket alternatives Price
Heavy iron pipe $70-$100
Tension curtain rods $30
Traverse curtain rods $100
Removable center rod support brackets $5
Industrial pipe curtain rod $40-$90


Final words

Long curtains might not be that easy to hang without using curtain rods with a center bracket. Traverse curtain rods hanging from the ceiling or removable center support brackets might be temporary solutions. But even with a center bracket, you still want to ensure you get a heavy-duty iron curtain rod that can handle the weight of your curtains. Alternatively, you can install double curtain rods for 2 curtains if you want to open them to each side of your patio doors.

A ceiling mount track is one of the professional methods of hanging long curtain rods on 140” or more curtains. These are typically used by hotels where residential-style curtain rods aren’t an option. The best part about this system is it often hides the ceiling mount track with the curtains themselves making your home look a bit more modern. If you don’t have a grommet curtain you can use C-ring support brackets that are recommended to bypass curtains hanged with regular rings.