15 Reasons to Get Shiloh Cabinets

Shiloh cabinet reviews are praising the quality of the brands. While it can cost up to $70.000 for a full Shiloh kitchen, its furnishings are among the better ones. Shiloh situates itself as an upper-middle quality cabinets brand, somewhere above Wolf.

Shiloh gets positive reviews also because it deals with a growing customer base that knows they have simpler options, unlike with Wolf cabinets.

You can find Shiloh cabinets in stores all across the country, except the North-West. The brand started small but it’s now one of the go-to value for money kitchen cabinetry options.

Shiloh Cabinet Review in 15 Quick Facts

If you’re buying a new house, remodeling your kitchen, or if you’re simply helping a family member choosing new cabinets you need to know these facts about Shiloh.

  1. Custom Sherwin Williams Paint Finishing

Tens of kitchen cabinet brands are available today. Many (probably more than 50%) offer the same type of product with the same limitations and high costs. Shiloh is not affordable, but it’s a bit more customizable than other brands.

Shiloh cabinets look better than others as they come in various Sherwin Williams paint color options. This paint is among the best in the US and its colors are simply sublime making your cabinets look completely original and not just like any other plain-white cabinets out there.

You can check out how Sherwin Williams’s paint looks on Shiloh cabinets by asking for a few wood samples at your local dealer. You should be able to find at least 10-20 samples and they should even offer you a larger set of printed color samples to choose from. As many designers advise, the best colors for kitchen cabinets are those that make you happy and that have some personal significance. Colors of the year over the past few years have shown us Sherwin Williams understands this.

  1. A good choice of stains

Stains are also available for Shiloh furniture. You can choose standard stains or vintage stains which make your cabinets look timeless. But which should you go for between stain cabinets or painted cabinets?

Painted Shiloh cabinets aren’t available in all types of food. Make sure you check your color with your local dealer. Stains have their role when it comes to showcasing wood grain. If you love the natural look of wood and you want minimal protection for it you should go for a stain.

  1. Multiple door styles with customization

Every little detail counts on cabinet doors as this is what you see when you look at your kitchen furniture. There are a few good options to choose from at Shiloh and you can even customize your choices for a more personal touch. However, you should keep in mind personalization might lead to delivery delays and this option should be discussed with your furniture dealer.

  1. Adjustable shelf height

Adjustable shelf height is a reality within Shiloh cabinets. We’ve seen adjustable shelves being one of the most important characteristics of a practical kitchen. From pots and pans to wine glasses there’s always something of a different size to store.

Shiloh shelves are made out of plywood. This plywood is finished for smooth edges so users don’t have a difficult time cleaning and dusting the cabinets on the insider.

  1. Soft close hinges

Soft close hinges are a must in premium cabinets. All luxury cabinets have soft close hinges and this makes your cabinets look more prestigious and they can even improve usability as you don’t have to deal with cabinet door slams in the morning.

Soft close hinges are also problematic when installed incorrectly. The best way to ensure these hinges are installed properly is simply by going for a contractor installation. Such installation policies should be in place with your local cabinet store.

  1. Soft close drawers

The same soft close system is in place for the drawers of Shiloh furniture. These drawers come with smooth operation and hardwood side panels with dovetail joints. Such construction details are the norm at this price range, as we’ve seen in other cabinet brands such as with Wolf cabinets.

  1. Full-extension drawers

All Shiloh drawers are full-extension. They come out entirely which is a compliment to practicality. While it might take a long time to get used to these drawers when you’re coming from cheap partial extension drawers with a few of them hitting you on the way out, you’ll soon find out just how practical these are to quickly get your hands on spoons, knives, and other cooking tools.

  1. Standard inset doors

Another important characteristic that differentiates Shiloh cabinets from its rivals is the inset doors which come as standard. These create a more flawless look which is great if you love minimalism and modern furniture.

Inset cabinet doors are an option with other brands. But you have to pay extra to have the doors installed on the inner part of the cabinet with a few Shilow alternatives.

These doors are also ideal for quick cleaning. A damp wipe running around the cabinet once is enough to have the doors clean.

  1. A good choice of turn leg styles

Turn legs are an option for Shiloh fans. You can have straight and turn legs installed on kitchen islands, which also come in different designs. Cabinet doors and kitchen island doors can be matched but you can also add turn legs to make your kitchen island look even more luxurious. These legs can come stained as the cabinets or painted similar to the cabinets themselves.

  1. Matching islands to go with

Have you ever thought about expanding cabinet storage space with a kitchen island? You can have this set up in your kitchen with custom sizes without going down the custom cabinet road where many woodworkers are simply too busy to bother.

  1. Multiple hardwood choices

Hardwood is ideal for kitchen cabinets that last. Shiloh offers the following types of hardwood you can have stained for your cabinets.

  • Alder
  • Poplar
  • Cherry
  • Walnut
  • Hickory
  • Maple
  • Red oak
  • White oak

All these types of wood for cabinets have their pros and cons. Walnut, as an example, is darker and characterized by medium density. Maple is high density but lighter in color. All of these types of wood offered by Shiloh have their place in your home depending on your floors, ceilings, or any other wooden elements inside the house. All of these hardwood choices can be discussed with your sales representative.

  1. Solid wood hanging rail

Cabinets need to handle a lot of weight. Shiloh ships its cabinets with solid wood-hanging rails. You will install these correctly using a level and you can then count on them for years to come. Some low-end cabinets or cheap cabinets come with engineered wood hanging rails which are bound to break in a matter of years.

  1. 10-years warranty

Shiloh offers a 10-years manufacturer’s warranty for its cabinets. This is considerably more than what other manufacturers offer. Furthermore, you should know that long-term Shiloh customer reviews are vastly positive since the company already has a history of decades.

  1. Materials are easy to clean

All Shiloh cabinets are easy to clean. Reports on this aspect are fairly positive. There’s no varnish coming off as with other cabinets and scratches are a thing of the past when you take minimum care of your cabinets.

  1. Family-owned business

Shiloh remains a family-owned business. This means it makes things by hand when possible but also using machinery given they plan to expand to just about every US state. Family-owned businesses can be either good or bad, especially with quality assurance. But Shiloh is one of the good ones.

Final words

Shiloh cabinets are made with hardwood doors (mainly maple and walnut), soft close hinges, and a choice of stains available on demand. These cabinets stand out with a line of colored cabinets which use Sherwin Williams paint for a modern-looking kitchen.

Shiloh also includes a few kitchen island designs in its offer. You can match your kitchen island to your cabinets for a unitary look. The only drawback of Shiloh furniture is its high price, which is out of reach for those expecting Ikea-like prices. However, premium kitchen cabinets cost more than cheap kitchen cabinets for a reason.


Are Shiloh cabinets solid wood?

Shiloh cabinets use solid wood on doors and front drawer panels. Shelves inside the cabinets are made from plywood. You can choose the type of hardwood your cabinets to come with together with stains and colors applicable to that type of wood.

Where are Shiloh cabinets made?

Shiloh cabinets are still made in Dudley Missouri.

Are Shiloh cabinets custom?

Custom and standard styling are available for Shiloh cabinetry. Both the standard cabinets and the custom-made cabinets are made in the same facilities with the same manufacturing techniques.

Shiloh vs Aspect vs Eclipse cabinets – which is best?

Aspect is the most affordable cabinet. Eclipse makes frameless designs for quick cabinet access. Shiloh is the better quality in cabinetry.

Shiloh vs Kraftmaid – which is best?

Shiloh makes some of the best inset cabinets. Kraftmaid has a bit more options and quicker responses as the brand is available in big box stores.