6 Flies That Look Like Ants

Some types of flies such as the common house fly are found across North America. A small number of these flies can be confused with ants. Coloring is one of the main reasons flies are confused with ants. Dark brown and black coloring and reduced size make some flies appear similar to ants. What do … Read more

8 Bugs That Look Like Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles are some of the most common tiny bugs you find in the house. These bugs are not complicated to eliminate but they might be confused with other species which might require more attention. Carpet beetles are small, colorful, and fuzzy. This means there aren’t many species exactly like them. However, there are a … Read more

18 Bugs With Long Antennae (Straight or Segmented)

Silverfish, cockroaches, and grasshoppers are just some of the bugs that have long antennae. There are hundreds of other species with very long antennae. How long can atennas be on bugs? The length of the antennae can be objectively assessed only about the size of the bug itself. It’s not uncommon to see antennae a … Read more

How to Clean Bee Poop From Cars and Windows

Cleaning bee poop can be complicated. Beep poop has a waxy thick texture that sticks to the car and windows easily. Removing it is impossible with a simple pressure washer. You need to insist and use the right products to get bee poop off.

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